Girl Walking undressed in Streets of Taipei

Now, it can't be that the weather is too hot like in Singapore, where a couple decided to take a stroll to the coffee shops without their clothes on. After watching this girl from Taipei doing her routine of undressing for publicity and still get away with it, the judge in Singapore could have given a lighter sentence to the couple.

Well, anyway, this scandalous girl, by the name of Kiko from Taiwan is definitely not losing her clothes due to the climactic weather changes, perhaps more due to the economic downturn. At the speed she undresses, she is a pro! But what she did is certainly scandalous, on any streets and by any profession. Let's enjoy her felony....

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Yung Hsuan of Taiwan's 我愛黑澀會 fame leaked photos

If you watch the Taiwanese show called Wo Ai Hei Se Hui (黑澀會美眉容瑄裸照) hosted by Blackie (黑人), then you should know this girl. Her name is Yung-Hsuan and she is a member of the Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl. She stored her photos online in a private album and had it password protected. But then the photo leaked after hackers got her password and downloaded the private album. Hackers shared her nude photos of her having a warm bath with her boyfriend and expose her big boobs, to the world. And those things are fuc.king huge and I think they are totally natural implant-free boobs. Pictures of big breasted Asian babes are welcome any day on the, especially when they also have pink nippels.