FoxConn Suicide Scandal

12th Foxconn Employee Jumps; Became 10th To Die
By Kat Hannaford on May 27, 2010 at 6:35 PM
Despite Foxconn allegedly asking all employees to sign contracts promising not to kill themselves, another worker has jumped out of a building window. This came hours after Foxconn’s CEO was boasting to press of the fabulous facilities at the factories.

It appears the Olympic-sized swimming pool just isn’t enough to keep workers happy. The 10th employee to kill himself jumped sometime just before midnight (local Chinese time) last night; apparently he was aged just 23 years.

Foxconn CEO Guo Tai-ming supposedly told the assembled press at the conference yesterday that he “needs therapy,” according to a translation from NowNews. He’s ordered safety nets to be erected around the dormitories and factory buildings, covering 1.5 million square metres, and said “although this seems like a ‘dumb’ measure, at least it could save life should anyone else fall”.

This is the Foxconn industrial base in Guangdong province China...

Half factory, half city - it is the manufacturing base for millions of high tech goods - and home to 300 hundred thousand workers who live on one of the biggest production sites in the world.

But the electronics firm has been rocked this year by the suicides of eight employees jumping to their deaths from buildings with two further falls causing workers serious injuries.

All were aged under 25 and had been with the firm for less than a year.

Now the spot light is falling on the working conditions here as the world's insatiable demand for high tech electronic goods at low price clashes with the methods used by companies like this to produce them.

Workers have criticised the company's management following the most recent suicide.

"Foxconn's management is totally inhumane. The personal quality of lower management are very low."

"To put it a bit more bluntly, it feels like mistreatment. They don't regard the workers as humans. That's how they cultivate new employees in this company."

Following the most recent death, Foxconn has organized recreational activities, opened a counselling center and set up a hotline for workers to call with their problems.

Analysts have warned that clients may reconsider their contracts with the company if it doesn't address their workers' issues.

Taiwanese University Students In Lost Handphone Video Scandal

Once again, we have a couple losing their handphones and getting all their bed secrets spilled into the internet and beyond.

Here are some photos in the bedding scene sex college girls in Taiwan. The photos were taken with all positions, according everywhere young modern style showing the curves of the body which is pretty long. These students could be expelled from the University. We are going to have more of such videos as the number of handphone users have grown tremendously, and the number of handphone losses increased in astronomical order.


Vivian Hsu 徐若瑄 - in scandalous white panties

Chcedo, obviously meant to be called Shiseido. Like paparazzi world-wide, Chinese media love the upskirt shot, rivaled only by the down blouse shot ...
Here Vivian is showing her favourite color down-under. White stands for purity and virginity. The former is left to be debated, but the latter is out of question.

Jolin Tsai Scandal

Jolin Tsai’s dubious heaving chest

The Taiwanese pop princess’s ample assets have come under the spotlight again as it appeared shrunken and smaller at an event in Shanghai.

Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai's heaving "G-cup" chest has come under scrutiny after it appeared visibly shrunken and smaller at a performance on Saturday

In response to alleged news reports of her deflated bust size, Jolin indirectly admitted that her chest was a product of man-made measures when she refuted, "That's because I didn't stuff anything! I want to dance that's why I didn't want to stuff anything."

While performing at the Taiwan Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, the busty singer wore a sparkly spaghetti top and skirt. Fending off reporters' questions on her assets at a press conference, the 29-year-old laughingly asked, "Why is everyone paying attention to this?"

Jolin was not as well-endowed back then as she is today. During her showbiz debut in 1999, this Golden Melody award-winning singer was marketed as a "sweet young thing", and was targeted for the male audience.
She shed off her boring image and opted for a sexy makeover in 72 Changes. In 2004, she showed off a brand-new voluptuous figure and newfound ample assets at a Shanghai concert, sparking off a media circus on her G-cups.

Timi Hsiao Scandal

News from “Today’s News”: Taiwanese model Timi Hsiao (also known as Xiao Yiting 萧依婷, Xiao Yutong 萧羽桐), who ever guest-starred in Jay Chou’s MV Hair White as Snow, was caught on the spot by the police when she was engaged in drug trade, and admitted to the police that she smokes marijuana and takes ketamine.

According to the report, Hsiao also made a voluntary confession to the police that since she wasn’t able to face the unbearable life stress, she turned to prostitution with the help of Ling Weiwei (凌葳葳) setting up the meetings with clients. The first time they were paid with 60,000 yuan, and she got 30,000 yuan. And since then, she’s been involved in the sex trade for more than 10 times. But there was one time that left a horrible memory on her. Under Ling Weiwei’s arrangement, she met a client in Shanghai alone, where she was asked to take a kind of white powder. After that, she found herself unable to control herself, and at last had her family helped take her back to Taiwan.

In the beginning, Ling Weiwei denied the case and emphasized that she didn’t know Tsiao. But when the police found out something like guest book with a list of names, she confessed that she had ever arranged meetings for the clients but she wasn’t involved in the prostitution ring trafficking sex. However, she added, if the girls wanted to have dinner or sex with the clients, she couldn’t control this. And more, she didn’t set up the meetings for Hsiao with the clients. She was only working with Hsiao’s agent.

According to news disclosed by the insiders, Ling Weiwei operated the sextrade by using the code word “take notice”, to hook celebrities and entertainers up with businessmen and politician.

This scandal is bound to raise another storm in the Entertainment circle!
Timi Hsiao (also known as Xiao Yiting 萧依婷, Xiao Yutong 萧羽桐), 27 years old, a Taiwanese model, was caught right on the scene by the police when she was engaged in drug deal and admitted that she took drug. However, the case pulled out another scandal that she had been involved in prostitution, while Lin Weiwei, a former Ms. Chinese Taipei, involved in pimping. It triggered a storm in the entertainment circle, and many female artistes were accused of having been involved in prostitution.

TAIWAN - Former Miss Chinese Taipei finalist Lin Wei-wei has been investigated by police for prostituting female artistes and models in Taiwan.

Lin, 36, was believed to be the middle person organising dinner events for the rich and famous to meet the artistes.

She was also said to be involved in pimping artistes and models for prices ranging from NT$60,000 (S$2,645) to NT$200,000 (S$8,816) per hour.

Police picked her up for investigation at her home and seized two books containing names and numbers, which they believed were her contacts and "business records".

It is learnt that among the contacts were doctors, lawyers, businessmen and politicians.

The scandal was exposed following the arrest of B-class model Timi Hsiao, 27, on Friday.

Hsiao, a model in Jay Chou's Fa Ru Xue (Hair Like Snow) music video, was caught red-handed when an anti-narcotics police team raided a drug den on Friday.

Police recovered an assortment of drugs and drug-taking gadgets from her and a 24-year-old drug supplier.

Follow-up investigations led police to believe that the model was also involved in prostitution.

Hsiao admitted to have attended some 10 dinners arranged by Lin. Photo: The Daily Chilli

Hsiao later admitted to have "met" some 10 men arranged by Lin since July last year for a price of NT$60,000 each, adding that both of them shared the money equally.

Both Hsiao and Lin have been released.

Lin later clarified that she was only responsible for the dinner meetings and whatever "deals"?between the artistes and customers after that were none of her business.

Police said their investigations revealed that Lin had pimped the B- and C-class actresses, singers and models to customers, not only in Taiwan but also China and Singapore.

Lin won the sixth place in the Miss Chinese Taipei beauty pageant competition in 1995. She is currently a mama san (head of GROs) at a nightclub.

Taiwan's Papaya Goddess

In this Taipei temple (club), you see men and women fighting (like they do in Parliament) for a touch of the two golden sacred Papayas. These 2 papayas are really hot judging from the fierce reception from the crowds. Some people believe it will bring good luck and prosperity if you touch them more often. So people, remember to pay this Goddess a visit when you go to Taipei.


Female Model Alicia Liu 劉薰愛 is a Transsexual

Look like there are simply not enough quality women to go around with. Modeling is running short of natural talent, we need talented men to masquerade as women to make up the demand for such hot activity.

Female model, 劉薰愛 who has recently become popular due to her appearances on a parody show, has a face as innocent as an angel, sexy curves, and a sweet voice. However, another student who attended her senior high school has recently revealed her as being a transsexual. This is because though she was a boy named Liu Zi-hua in senior high school, she has now become female.

When faced with queries from reporters, Liu neither denied nor admitted these sex change rumors. She simply took out her ID card to prove that she is a girl right now. She also stated that she has liked being a girl for as long as she can remember, and that she really likes the way she is now. She stressed that the past is not really important at all.
Taiwanese model Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) has admitted that she is a transsexual.
The 24-year-old model-cum-actress, nicknamed Xiao Ai, said she underwent sex-change surgery at the age of 18.

"My ex-boyfriend paid for it," she said in an interview with a Taiwan magazine on Friday.

Liu, whose original name was Zi Hua 刘子华, became popular following her appearances on a parody television programme.

Liu's agency also issued a statement saying that when the company signed a contract with her, they already recognized her as a female model. As she has been very professional and dedicated in her work performance in the past year, the company does not care about her past.

Video of her admission as a transsexual...

Video of her modelling skills....

Health Clinic Going Scandalous to attract patients

This can only happen in Taiwan with their lax laws. By other countries' health standard, this is scandalous and illegal.

Dr. En HerYa decided to win over his rival clinics by embarking on a trail of x-rated photo pamphlets and advertisement, using his clinic's nurses to do the job for him.

You will be surprise the nurses are actually trained as nurse and not top actress and model. The idea is to get you and me to fall sick so that these beautiful and gorgeous nurses can look after you when you can admitted into the clinic. And dear, I would love to fall sick even if it is a beauty and health care clinic.

For once, I no longer fear the Hospital, at least those in Taiwan. And for once I am looking forward to going into a hospital, and want to stay for as long as possible.


Taiwan Teacher taught us to maintain clean cat bush

This is a well-known teacher from a well-known Taiwan Secondary School. Too bad she had a corrupted or careless boyfriend who got her pics leaked into the internet.

What we discover from this leakage is a very well-maintained little bush. I am beginning to believe that all good teachers I had before must have similar clean shaven public area, washed 10 times a day.

Don't expect her to have the shape of a Miss World contestant, she collected lots of fats marking test papers and reading assignments, so bear with her fatty thighs and the tyre around her abdomen. Meanwhile, enjoy a rare peep into the hotbod of a successful and dedicated teacher.