Health Clinic Going Scandalous to attract patients

This can only happen in Taiwan with their lax laws. By other countries' health standard, this is scandalous and illegal.

Dr. En HerYa decided to win over his rival clinics by embarking on a trail of x-rated photo pamphlets and advertisement, using his clinic's nurses to do the job for him.

You will be surprise the nurses are actually trained as nurse and not top actress and model. The idea is to get you and me to fall sick so that these beautiful and gorgeous nurses can look after you when you can admitted into the clinic. And dear, I would love to fall sick even if it is a beauty and health care clinic.

For once, I no longer fear the Hospital, at least those in Taiwan. And for once I am looking forward to going into a hospital, and want to stay for as long as possible.


Taiwan Teacher taught us to maintain clean cat bush

This is a well-known teacher from a well-known Taiwan Secondary School. Too bad she had a corrupted or careless boyfriend who got her pics leaked into the internet.

What we discover from this leakage is a very well-maintained little bush. I am beginning to believe that all good teachers I had before must have similar clean shaven public area, washed 10 times a day.

Don't expect her to have the shape of a Miss World contestant, she collected lots of fats marking test papers and reading assignments, so bear with her fatty thighs and the tyre around her abdomen. Meanwhile, enjoy a rare peep into the hotbod of a successful and dedicated teacher.