Maggie Wu (吳亞馨) and Justin Lee/Li Zhong Rui (李宗瑞) Scandal

TAIPEI: Justin Lee, the son of a wealthy Taiwan businessman, surrendered to Taiwan authorities on Thursday; 23 days after the Taiwan police issued a warrant for his arrest. The police had put him on the wanted list after he repeatedly failed to turn up for questioning over allegations that he had drugged, raped and secretly took racy photos as well as videos of about 60 women, including a number of models and celebrities, reported Taiwan media. 

Dressed in a T-shirt and jeans, the 27-year-old walked into the Taipei District Prosecutors' Office on Thursday night, and later told authorities that he had been staying at a female friend's home these past days. Lee said he decided to turn himself in after he heard that the police have been questioning his friends and family members. However, he denied the allegations against him and insisted that everything which transpired had happened between consenting adults. Speculation has been rife over which celebrities and models were involved in the scandal, after a few of the racy photos were published by Taiwan tabloids in recent weeks.

 Taiwan authorities have been investigating ten police officers over how the photos, which are part of a larger collection of footage and photographs recovered from Lee's apartment by the police, made their way into the pages of the tabloids. Lee's collection of racy photos and footage has become highly sought-after among Taiwan netizens, with many of them labelling Lee as "Taiwan's Edison Chen".

 No new photos have surfaced so far. Taiwan model-actress Maggie Wu has also been embroiled in the case, after a Taiwan news programme reported that she had admitted to being one of the women Lee photographed, citing a SMS they claim Wu had sent, but Wu later said she had never sent such an SMS to the media. Arrested Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee could face a term of up to 30 years in prison for his sexual crimes, as his sex videos and photographs continue to circulate widely online. 

According to Jayne Stars, 10 of the women who were caught in his sex scandal have pressed charges against him for drugging, raping and recording them in the act, although the socialite has maintained that all of his partners were consensual. If found guilty of his crimes, Justin could possibly face a term of 30 years in prison, even though he turned himself in after police and the triad were searching for him for nearly a month.

 Meanwhile, videos and photographs of Justin's exploits with 60 women, including model Maggie Wu, have continued to spread like wildfire on adult Internet forums. It is estimated that there were 176 photos and 93 videos that were leaked online, and the Taiwanese police have been heavily criticized as being the suspected source of the leak.

 The police stated that they have begun an internal investigation on the source of the videos, which has been distributed to foreign website that makes it difficult to track its IP address. They also assured that Justin would be kept in safe custody, as it is believed that members of the triad are looking for him, when victims of the scandal approached them to prevent the videos from surfacing.

Sordid sex photos and a video of several female celebrities with Taiwanese playboy Justin Lee formerly Li Zhong-Rui (李宗瑞) have been leaked. According to a reports, a total of 16 pictures and a 13 seconds explicit videos were leaked and are widely shared online. The different females involved in the leaks and nude images includes Kelly Lin (林熙蕾), Amber Ann (安心亞) and Maggie Wu ( 吳亞馨). The photos, screen grabs from the sex videos uncovered from Justin's computer, clearly showed the faces of the models and actresses. Model Maggie Wu is seen kissing Justin's genitals with her eyes closed. She also showed her tantalizing side when lying on the bed naked with her legs wide open.

Someone cannot claim to be an innocent victim unaware of her boyfriend's creepy sexual antics anymore. In these sordid leaked naked pics Taiwanese model turn actress Maggie Wu Ya Xin ( 吳亞馨) is seen engaging in several sexual private photoshoots with playboy Justin Lee formerly Li Zhong-Rui (李宗瑞) on many different occasions. The 28 year-old model even take a shower in front of the camera while her lover take pictures. Maggie Wu is seen topless and looking into the camera while posing with Justin Lee in several photographs and she is also seen with Justin's penis in her month while her eyes are closed.

She also seen lying on a bed naked with her legs spread wide open for the camera. While in other images Maggie and Justin are seen engaging in sexual intercourse. She seem to be sleeping in several of the photos but in others she is fully conscious and is seen willingly posing nude for Justin Lee. After seeing this pics there is no wonder as to why Maggie Wu canceled the press conference at the last minute last week.

Selina Jen of S.H.E - out of hospital video

Selina Jen faces media for the first time since filming accident
TAIPEI: S.H.E's Selina Jen faced the media for the first time in a Taipei press conference on Wednesday, 89 days after she was hospitalised for the serious burns she suffered in a filming accident on the set of Chinese drama "I Have A Date With Spring", reported Taiwan media.

Sporting a head of short hair, Jen, whose face appeared to have escaped any serious injury, entered the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital auditorium flanked by her group mates Ella Chen and Hebe Tien, to thunderous applause from the gathered journalists.

Clad in a grey bodysuit and a pink vest, the 29-year-old singer-actress, whose face now looks rounder after gaining 5 kilograms after the accident, became very emotional and broke down shortly after going onto the stage.

"Thank you everyone. I am sorry for making everyone worry. Today, I can finally go home!" Jen said as she and her group mates bowed to the audience.

"We are S.H.E!"

Despite being separated for such a long time because of the accident, Jen and her group mates seemed determined to stick together.

They indirectly dispelled fears that the group would break up by coming together to introduce themselves as a group once more, for the first time since the accident.

"Hello everyone! We are S.H.E!" the trio declared before each group member introduced herself.

Chen was visibly overjoyed. She raised her arms in triumph as Jen concluded the introductions.

Jen wept as she went on to thank her doctors and nurses for taking good care of her as well as her family members, record label HiM International Music, fans and fiance, lawyer Richard Chang, for giving her their unwavering support.

Chen later added that Jen's road to recovery "is a long one" and hoped that people will "give her some space" while Tien expressed that she deeply respected Jen for showing such courage and optimism in the face of adversity.

Jen made her exit after accepting a congratulatory bouquet and a cake from the medical staff that treated her.

Looking forward

Although there were initial fears that Jen could be disfigured, Professor Lin Zhi Hong, the doctor leading the medical team treating Jen, is optimistic that she will be able to work again.

"We believe allowing Selina to return to work is not a problem, although dressing must be applied to keep pressure on her facial scars. But I believe the future is bright."

Jen's father added that, despite her injuries, his daughter will still be able to sing and have children in the future.

He also praised Chang for sticking with her through thick and thin, calling him "a dependable other half" for Selina.

"When the accident happened, I once told him that they did not have to get married and that he could call off the wedding. But he refused."

Meanwhile, HiM International Music's general manager He Yan Ling has pledged that the company will do everything it can to aid Jen on her road to recovery and take care of her showbiz career.

She also expressed that HiM is now engaged in negotiations with Hunan Television, the broadcaster which had invited Jen to participate in "I Have A Date With Spring", over responsibility for the accident and compensation matters.

Soon after Wednesday's press conference, Taiwanese director Chen Ming Zhang, who helmed the project, issued a second apology to Jen and her group mates on his micro-blog for letting things go out of hand on the set.

The director had only recently issued a 2,000-word apology on his micro-blog but S.H.E fans complained it was too little too late.

Mafia Queen Burns Penis of Man

A 40-year-old Taiwanese woman, who led a crime syndicate, was arrested.

Also detained were 17 members of the gang.

Taichung police said the gangster head – nicknamed "Little Girl Ma" or "Sister Ma" – was more ruthless than even the men.

Ma and the gang members locked a man up in a hotel room, stripped him naked and tied him up. They poured hot water on him and Ma used a lighter to burn the man's genitals.

The victim was only released two days later after he paid NT$190,000 (RM19,851) to Ma, police said.

Ma was involved in confining and assaulting debtors and destroying their cars and properties.

"She even fired a shot at the victim. The bullet grazed the top of his head," police said.

Police said the syndicate was involved in drug trafficking and "violent" debt collecting.

Ma has been involved in criminal activities for more than 20 years and has been jailed several times.

But the "big sister" still did not change.

She gave out free drugs to attract new members to the syndicate.

FoxConn Suicide Scandal

12th Foxconn Employee Jumps; Became 10th To Die
By Kat Hannaford on May 27, 2010 at 6:35 PM
Despite Foxconn allegedly asking all employees to sign contracts promising not to kill themselves, another worker has jumped out of a building window. This came hours after Foxconn’s CEO was boasting to press of the fabulous facilities at the factories.

It appears the Olympic-sized swimming pool just isn’t enough to keep workers happy. The 10th employee to kill himself jumped sometime just before midnight (local Chinese time) last night; apparently he was aged just 23 years.

Foxconn CEO Guo Tai-ming supposedly told the assembled press at the conference yesterday that he “needs therapy,” according to a translation from NowNews. He’s ordered safety nets to be erected around the dormitories and factory buildings, covering 1.5 million square metres, and said “although this seems like a ‘dumb’ measure, at least it could save life should anyone else fall”.

This is the Foxconn industrial base in Guangdong province China...

Half factory, half city - it is the manufacturing base for millions of high tech goods - and home to 300 hundred thousand workers who live on one of the biggest production sites in the world.

But the electronics firm has been rocked this year by the suicides of eight employees jumping to their deaths from buildings with two further falls causing workers serious injuries.

All were aged under 25 and had been with the firm for less than a year.

Now the spot light is falling on the working conditions here as the world's insatiable demand for high tech electronic goods at low price clashes with the methods used by companies like this to produce them.

Workers have criticised the company's management following the most recent suicide.

"Foxconn's management is totally inhumane. The personal quality of lower management are very low."

"To put it a bit more bluntly, it feels like mistreatment. They don't regard the workers as humans. That's how they cultivate new employees in this company."

Following the most recent death, Foxconn has organized recreational activities, opened a counselling center and set up a hotline for workers to call with their problems.

Analysts have warned that clients may reconsider their contracts with the company if it doesn't address their workers' issues.

Taiwanese University Students In Lost Handphone Video Scandal

Once again, we have a couple losing their handphones and getting all their bed secrets spilled into the internet and beyond.

Here are some photos in the bedding scene sex college girls in Taiwan. The photos were taken with all positions, according everywhere young modern style showing the curves of the body which is pretty long. These students could be expelled from the University. We are going to have more of such videos as the number of handphone users have grown tremendously, and the number of handphone losses increased in astronomical order.


Vivian Hsu 徐若瑄 - in scandalous white panties

Chcedo, obviously meant to be called Shiseido. Like paparazzi world-wide, Chinese media love the upskirt shot, rivaled only by the down blouse shot ...
Here Vivian is showing her favourite color down-under. White stands for purity and virginity. The former is left to be debated, but the latter is out of question.

Jolin Tsai Scandal

Jolin Tsai’s dubious heaving chest

The Taiwanese pop princess’s ample assets have come under the spotlight again as it appeared shrunken and smaller at an event in Shanghai.

Taiwanese pop princess Jolin Tsai's heaving "G-cup" chest has come under scrutiny after it appeared visibly shrunken and smaller at a performance on Saturday

In response to alleged news reports of her deflated bust size, Jolin indirectly admitted that her chest was a product of man-made measures when she refuted, "That's because I didn't stuff anything! I want to dance that's why I didn't want to stuff anything."

While performing at the Taiwan Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai, the busty singer wore a sparkly spaghetti top and skirt. Fending off reporters' questions on her assets at a press conference, the 29-year-old laughingly asked, "Why is everyone paying attention to this?"

Jolin was not as well-endowed back then as she is today. During her showbiz debut in 1999, this Golden Melody award-winning singer was marketed as a "sweet young thing", and was targeted for the male audience.
She shed off her boring image and opted for a sexy makeover in 72 Changes. In 2004, she showed off a brand-new voluptuous figure and newfound ample assets at a Shanghai concert, sparking off a media circus on her G-cups.