Vivi Wang Wan Fei Forgotten to Wear It

Wang Wan Fei (王婉霏) also known as Vivi Wang (born May 31, 1978 in Teipai, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese model and beauty queen. I don't know if she really forgot to wear her under wear or she is trying to give her faltering career boost. But whichever way, we turned out to be the real beneficiary. You may want to see her pu bic hair in the link below. She is certainly still a hot little chick despite her age, but competition is really hot in Taiwan these days. She really need to show something more if she is to succeed. This happened at the 2007 Taipei Motor Show. Enjoy her really raw and bushy forest in the link below...


9-year-old Taiwanese boy gone crazy over women

The boy was first spotted on surveillance camera, loitering restlessly in the vicinity. When a 20-year-old lady approaches, it appears as if the boy had wanted to snatch her purse. However, this was not the case – it was the lady’s skirts the boy was after!

Nine-year-old already so horny…tsk tsk. Thanks to the internet!

Taiwan School Girls are the hottest in South-east Asia

No doubt. Outside of Japan, Taiwanese school girls must ranked as numero uno (number one). They are so talented in so many things - singing, acting, dancing and now camwhoring. She is real cool, so relax and enjoy the video link.


Teenagers Leaked Tape

When teenagers start taping themselves doing gross acts, especially with the ease and convenience of handphone camera, we are sure to be seeing more of such leaked videos.

Here is a typical example of what can happen, and actually happened. Two teenagers filmed themselves doing the doggie and the prayer on the bed, and we all got to see it. There is no way that one can tape for oneself to see. It will be leaked and must be leaked, somehow, somewhere and some time.


Girl Walking undressed in Streets of Taipei

Now, it can't be that the weather is too hot like in Singapore, where a couple decided to take a stroll to the coffee shops without their clothes on. After watching this girl from Taipei doing her routine of undressing for publicity and still get away with it, the judge in Singapore could have given a lighter sentence to the couple.

Well, anyway, this scandalous girl, by the name of Kiko from Taiwan is definitely not losing her clothes due to the climactic weather changes, perhaps more due to the economic downturn. At the speed she undresses, she is a pro! But what she did is certainly scandalous, on any streets and by any profession. Let's enjoy her felony....

CLICK HERE TO WATCH Girl Walking Nudde in Streets of Taipei

Yung Hsuan of Taiwan's 我愛黑澀會 fame leaked photos

If you watch the Taiwanese show called Wo Ai Hei Se Hui (黑澀會美眉容瑄裸照) hosted by Blackie (黑人), then you should know this girl. Her name is Yung-Hsuan and she is a member of the Taiwanese girl group Hey Girl. She stored her photos online in a private album and had it password protected. But then the photo leaked after hackers got her password and downloaded the private album. Hackers shared her nude photos of her having a warm bath with her boyfriend and expose her big boobs, to the world. And those things are fuc.king huge and I think they are totally natural implant-free boobs. Pictures of big breasted Asian babes are welcome any day on the, especially when they also have pink nippels.


Taiwan Feng Chia University Threesome Scandal 台灣逢甲大學三人性醜聞

Lin Jing Shan (林静珊), pictured in video, is a 20-year-old girl from Taiwan. Lin Jing Shan and former boyfriend Xie Xin Long (谢欣龙), 27, had repeatedly solicited Feng Chia University student surnamed Yan to engage in 3P x games. Each time Xie took the threesome pictures and videos as the memoirs. When Lin and Xie got to know Yan is the only child in his family, and that Yan was from a wealthy family with political ties, the pair contemplated to extort from Yan's mother. As a result, they did extort NT$300000 for the three's last sex orgy on Oct 14, 2007. Lin Jing Shan and Xie Xin Long were arrested after Yan's mother who was extorted again at the end of that year lodged a report to the police.


Kicked in the Ass for Chen Shui Bian 前總統陳水扁被踢在背後

Chen Shui Bian Arrested 陳水扁阿扁為腐敗被捕

Taiwan Kao-Hsiung Eye Scandal

高雄之眼 Kaohsiung Eye Scandal

Anyone up for some exhibitionist photos taken in the Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel at Kaohsiung City's Dream Mall in Taiwan? The naughty girl stripping in these pictures is suppose to be a university student on a day date with her (unseen) boyfriend at the largest shopping mall in Taiwan.

This Taiwanese exhibitionist got completely naked in the Hello Kitty ferris wheel while her boyfriend take tons of photos, you got to wonder if someone in a near by building was enjoying the show. To the end of the set are some pictures she took herself for her boyfriend, amateur camwhoring is so damn romantic. Its too bad for her that it seems that her boyfriend shared (leaked) their adventures with the rest of the world and the Taiwan authority is likely to do something about it.


Worst Parliamentary Fights of All Time

This is what Taiwan is famous for. Not a tourist attraction though. It is something you can see free of charge and get awed over it. So enjoy!

Taiwanese Actress Model Kaila Yu in Scandalous Virgin movie

Kaila Yu (Chinese: 于麗萍, pinyin: Yú Lìpíng born May 16, 1979 in Taipei, Taiwan, is a Taiwanese American actess, model and pop singer.

The Chinese Hottie from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Kaila Yu did an amateur Casting Couch Teen P-video before becoming famous!

Kaila Yu is a imported tuner model in California, where she is so popular that they put her in the Fast and the Furious movie. Nudity is nothing for this chick because she has made several appearances in Playboy magazine. And now we know that there is an amateur pon in her past with her taking a cumshot to the face.



今天的 璩美鳳 - Top Celebrity Chu Mei Feng after scandal

Politician Chu Mei-Feng became famous in 2001 when a video of her sleeping with a married man was distributed. Chu Mei-Fang was a Taipei city councilor and former TV journalist, and the release of the video created a storm of publicity in Asia and around the world.