Mafia Queen Burns Penis of Man

A 40-year-old Taiwanese woman, who led a crime syndicate, was arrested.

Also detained were 17 members of the gang.

Taichung police said the gangster head – nicknamed "Little Girl Ma" or "Sister Ma" – was more ruthless than even the men.

Ma and the gang members locked a man up in a hotel room, stripped him naked and tied him up. They poured hot water on him and Ma used a lighter to burn the man's genitals.

The victim was only released two days later after he paid NT$190,000 (RM19,851) to Ma, police said.

Ma was involved in confining and assaulting debtors and destroying their cars and properties.

"She even fired a shot at the victim. The bullet grazed the top of his head," police said.

Police said the syndicate was involved in drug trafficking and "violent" debt collecting.

Ma has been involved in criminal activities for more than 20 years and has been jailed several times.

But the "big sister" still did not change.

She gave out free drugs to attract new members to the syndicate.

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