Shu Qi - Feel Me Touch Me 舒淇相册

At 17, Shu Qi started modelling, with a face and body to die for, Shu Qi soon was doing nude picture series. Seing her face on a magazine cover, Hong Kong producer Manfred Wong tracked her down and became her agent. He signed her for Sex & Zen II, a category III (adults only, soft porn) movie.
After that Shu Qi starred in Viva Erotica, which won her recognition and several prizes. In 1997 her manager Manfred Wong told TIME: “If you’re an unknown and from Taiwan, there is no such thing as doing art and high-class films. Shu Qi knows if she doesn’t strip, she can’t be a star.”

After Shu Qi awards for "Viva Erotica", Shu Qi started getting roles in typical Hong Kong movies. She showed off that gorgeous body, she smiled her dazzling widescreen smile and she fluttered around as a no-brain butterfly (how Hong Kong movies see a lot of their female stars). But when Shu Qi was allowed to act ("For Bad Boys Only", "City of Glass" and "Portland Street Blues"), she showed enormous potential.

FULL VIDEO (adult only)

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