9-year-old Taiwanese boy gone crazy over women

The boy was first spotted on surveillance camera, loitering restlessly in the vicinity. When a 20-year-old lady approaches, it appears as if the boy had wanted to snatch her purse. However, this was not the case – it was the lady’s skirts the boy was after!

Nine-year-old already so horny…tsk tsk. Thanks to the internet!

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  1. From which portion of the newscast did you get the idea this happened in Taiwan???

    It was obvious the media broadcast company is from Mainland China, the name of TV channel and news coverage is in Simplified Chinese, hence indicating it's a Mainland Chinese broadcaster. The police unit quoted in the short clip is coined in Mainland Chinese terminology, hence it's likely a mainland Chinese location.

    As one would say, if it walk like a duck and yap like a duck, then it's most likely a duck.

    This news item was most likely occurred in China, reported in China for Chinese audience. Hence nothing to do with Taiwan.

    Please get the facts straight, and categorise the news in appropriate country type before posting.