Timi Hsiao Scandal

News from “Today’s News”: Taiwanese model Timi Hsiao (also known as Xiao Yiting 萧依婷, Xiao Yutong 萧羽桐), who ever guest-starred in Jay Chou’s MV Hair White as Snow, was caught on the spot by the police when she was engaged in drug trade, and admitted to the police that she smokes marijuana and takes ketamine.

According to the report, Hsiao also made a voluntary confession to the police that since she wasn’t able to face the unbearable life stress, she turned to prostitution with the help of Ling Weiwei (凌葳葳) setting up the meetings with clients. The first time they were paid with 60,000 yuan, and she got 30,000 yuan. And since then, she’s been involved in the sex trade for more than 10 times. But there was one time that left a horrible memory on her. Under Ling Weiwei’s arrangement, she met a client in Shanghai alone, where she was asked to take a kind of white powder. After that, she found herself unable to control herself, and at last had her family helped take her back to Taiwan.

In the beginning, Ling Weiwei denied the case and emphasized that she didn’t know Tsiao. But when the police found out something like guest book with a list of names, she confessed that she had ever arranged meetings for the clients but she wasn’t involved in the prostitution ring trafficking sex. However, she added, if the girls wanted to have dinner or sex with the clients, she couldn’t control this. And more, she didn’t set up the meetings for Hsiao with the clients. She was only working with Hsiao’s agent.

According to news disclosed by the insiders, Ling Weiwei operated the sextrade by using the code word “take notice”, to hook celebrities and entertainers up with businessmen and politician.

This scandal is bound to raise another storm in the Entertainment circle!
Timi Hsiao (also known as Xiao Yiting 萧依婷, Xiao Yutong 萧羽桐), 27 years old, a Taiwanese model, was caught right on the scene by the police when she was engaged in drug deal and admitted that she took drug. However, the case pulled out another scandal that she had been involved in prostitution, while Lin Weiwei, a former Ms. Chinese Taipei, involved in pimping. It triggered a storm in the entertainment circle, and many female artistes were accused of having been involved in prostitution.

TAIWAN - Former Miss Chinese Taipei finalist Lin Wei-wei has been investigated by police for prostituting female artistes and models in Taiwan.

Lin, 36, was believed to be the middle person organising dinner events for the rich and famous to meet the artistes.

She was also said to be involved in pimping artistes and models for prices ranging from NT$60,000 (S$2,645) to NT$200,000 (S$8,816) per hour.

Police picked her up for investigation at her home and seized two books containing names and numbers, which they believed were her contacts and "business records".

It is learnt that among the contacts were doctors, lawyers, businessmen and politicians.

The scandal was exposed following the arrest of B-class model Timi Hsiao, 27, on Friday.

Hsiao, a model in Jay Chou's Fa Ru Xue (Hair Like Snow) music video, was caught red-handed when an anti-narcotics police team raided a drug den on Friday.

Police recovered an assortment of drugs and drug-taking gadgets from her and a 24-year-old drug supplier.

Follow-up investigations led police to believe that the model was also involved in prostitution.

Hsiao admitted to have attended some 10 dinners arranged by Lin. Photo: The Daily Chilli

Hsiao later admitted to have "met" some 10 men arranged by Lin since July last year for a price of NT$60,000 each, adding that both of them shared the money equally.

Both Hsiao and Lin have been released.

Lin later clarified that she was only responsible for the dinner meetings and whatever "deals"?between the artistes and customers after that were none of her business.

Police said their investigations revealed that Lin had pimped the B- and C-class actresses, singers and models to customers, not only in Taiwan but also China and Singapore.

Lin won the sixth place in the Miss Chinese Taipei beauty pageant competition in 1995. She is currently a mama san (head of GROs) at a nightclub.


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